Guides to Animal Tracks and Sign:

Use the guides above to browse photos of animal tracks, scats, and other signs.

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The Best Guides to Animal Tracks – Reviewed.

Animal tracks are a window into an otherwise be a hidden world of wild animals. Animals are all around us, but many are stealthy, shy, and seldom seen. To a trained tracker however, there are signs of life everywhere. Animal tracks (also called animal footprints, pugmarks, traces, spoor, impressions, etc) are a powerful tool for learning about the wildlife around you. Becoming an animal tracker will completely change the way you see the world. With a little effort and guidance, anyone can identify many clear animal tracks and signs with ease.

My goal is to compile the best animal tracking resources possible into a single website in order to make learning to identify animal tracks as easy and fun as possible.

I hope this website makes learning how to identify animal tracks easier than every before and leads you on some great tracking adventures. Remember, technology is just a tool. Go tracking.

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