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Central North Carolina Certification 03/02/2013

Published on March 5, 2013 under Certifications

March 2013 North Carolina Certification

The Nicholas School of the Environment’s Advanced Conservation Biology Course at Duke University hosted a track and sign certification in Central North Carolina on March 2-3, 2013. The class consisted of graduate students from all over the world. It was a fun and educational experience for all.

We saw the tracks of 21 species, including 14 mammals and 7 birds.  Some of the highlights were: mink tracks, muskrat tracks, beaver tracks and sign, river otter tracks, and an extensive river otter scent marking area.

Thanks to Corey Anco, Zoe Jewell, and Sky Alibhai for arranging the workshop and assisting.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Pippen, Mark Burton, Lindsey Desmul, and Brandon Semel for earning Level 1 Certificates!


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