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Central Texas Certification 5/19/2019

Published on May 20, 2019 under Certifications

The Earth Native Wilderness School organized a Track and Sign Certification around Bastrop, Texas from May 18-19, 2019.

We saw the tracks of 30 species, including 13 mammals, 9 birds, 2 herps, 5 invertebrates, and a mark from a branch in the mud. We spent the first day at a pond on the banks of Cedar Creek. The creek was high due to recent flooding, but there were some great tracks on the banks including: armadillo, turtle, spotted sandpiper, cliff swallow feeding sign, tracks of deer swimming across the creek, marks from a swimming beaver when the water was higher, and beautiful tracks of a baby beaver. 

Day 2 was spent at the Earth Native property where we saw hog, gray fox, and coyote tracks and we even found snail scat! See the photos below.

Congratulations to Romey Swanson and Derek Shelburne for earning their Level 3 certificates!

A big thanks to Dave Scott of Earth Native Wilderness School for organizing and assisting with this certification. I also want to thank Marcia Karr for assisting.


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