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Colorado Lynx Project

Published on April 30, 2008 under News

Final Colorado Lynx Project Pics

We just finished working for the Colorado Division of Wildlife on a lynx reproduction study on May 15th, 2008.  The job primarily consisted of radio tracking female lynx through the Rocky Mountains, camping every night, and hoping for a female to stop moving.  This would signify a den, at which point we would hike in to the site to weigh, measure and take blood from the kittens.  Unfortunately, there were no dens this year, likely a result of a reduction in the snowshoe hare population.  Remarkably, on our very last day on the job we saw our first lynx.  It ran across the road right in front of our car not a half mile from our bunkhouse.  It was a nice ending for the field season.

Click here to view the photos!


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