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How can U.S. Govt, DoD, and First Responders get iTrack Wildlife Free?

Published on October 5, 2020 under iTrack Wildlife

I was approached by the GEOINT App store about the possibility of adding iTrack Wildlife to their app library. I hadn’t heard of the store before, but it is a special app store available only to U.S. government employees, first responders, and Department of Defence employees and members of the intelligence community, and allows them to download apps for free!

I’m pleased to announce that after quite a bit of work and security testing, iTrack Wildlife for iOS is now available on the GEOINT App Store. I plan to work with the GEOINT store to make iTrack Africa for iOS available as well. We will start work on the Android versions of both apps in the near future. Enjoy!

Click here to learn how to install the GEOINT App Store on your device.

GeoInt App Store Link


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