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New Evaluator and Senior Tracker 10/05/2008

Published on October 5, 2008 under Certifications

New Evaluator & Senior Tracker

In the last couple of weeks there have been 2 senior level track and sign evaluations and some exciting new developments.  The first eval was in New England, hosted by Mark Elbroch and George Leoniak.  Casey McFarland achieved 100%, earning a specialist certificate in his second region and I earned a 98%.  In west Washington, Mark Elbroch and Casey McFarland led an evaluation in which Brian McConnell earned 100%.  As the only person other than Mark Elbroch to earn 100% on the trailing eval, he became the only other senior tracker in North America.  Also, after demonstrating thorough knowledge and understanding of the CyberTracker evaluation system, Casey earned his evaluator certification.  Finally, I scored 100% on the evaluation.  This was my second region and I am now certified to give evaluations nationally.


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