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San Diego Tracker Certification 10/22/2015

Published on October 22, 2015 under Certifications

The San Diego Tracking Team hosted a Track and Sign Certification in San Diego, California on October 21–22, 2015.

We saw the tracks of 27 species, including 19 mammals, 4 birds, 1 herps, and 3 invertebrates. We spent the first day at the Sycamore Canyon Preserve where we found (among many others) perfect spotted skunk tracks! We also saw tracks of kangaroo rats, coyotes, deer, and a bobcat. Later in the day we went to Southerland Lake and saw tracks and sign of turkey, vole, woodrat, acorn woodpecker, and mountain lion! We spent the second day under an incredible bridge in Santee where we saw striped skunk, bobcat, coyote, opossum, and pocket gopher tracks!

Congratulations to all who attended. I especially want to thank Barry Martin for organizing the certification! Thanks to the whole team for sharing your passion and excitement for tracking.


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