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San Diego Tracker Certification 5/06/2018

Published on May 8, 2018 under News

The San Diego Tracking Team hosted a Track and Sign Certification in San Diego, California on November 18–19, 2018.

We saw the tracks of 24 species, including 12 mammals, 6 birds, 2 herps, 3 invertebrates, and ridges caused by tree roots that looked very similar to mole ridges. We spent the first day at Border Fields State Park. Despite the windy weather, we saw some great tracks including bobcat, woodrat, pocket mouse, fiddler crab feeding sign, and the massive tracks of a huge draft horse.

We spent the second day under a bridge where we saw tracks of mule deer, green heron, rail, baby opossum, crayfish, and many more.

A big thanks to Gary Seiser for organizing this certification and to Jill Cooper and Juliet Hender for helping out. This was a very fund group of trackers.


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