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Specialist Certification in Los Padres CA 06/04/2011

Published on June 4, 2011 under Certifications

Specialist Certificationial in CA June 4, 2011

The Western Tracking Institute just hosted a specialist track and sign evaluation in the Los Padres National Forest, CA on June 3rd & 4th, 2011.

We saw the tracks of 29 species, including 16 mammals, 7 birds, 3 herps, 2 invertebrates, and the marks of a human urinating.  Some of the highlights were llama tracks, bear hair on a post, vole tracks, and toad tracks.  Congratulations to Connor O’Malley for earning a 99.5! And a huge congratulations to Barry Martin for earning Track and Sign Specialist. He has been working hard towards Specialist for several years.

Thanks to Mark Elbroch for co-evaluating and Dave Moskowitz for assisting. 


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