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    Tracker Certifications

    TrackerCertification – The official site of the tracker certification in North America.

    CyberTracker – The site of the tracker evaluations in South Africa.  Developed by Louis Liebenberg.

    NatureTracking Certifications – A link to the certification info on this website.

    David Moskowitz – Photography, tracking classes, and Tracker Certifications by David Moskowitz. Based in Washington.

    Leoniak Tracking Services – Certifications offered in North America by George Leoniak in Vermont.

    Wildlife Tracking Southwest – Classes, workshops and certifications in North America by Casey McFarland. Based in New Mexico.

    Schools and Classes

    Click here for a map of animal tracking schools in North America.

    A Naturalists World – Classes and other useful information.  Based in Montana and Wyoming, taught by Dr. Jim Halfpenny.

    Alderleaf Wilderness College* – Tracking and survival classes and apprenticeships taught by Jason Knight in Washington.

    Coyote Trails School of Nature* – Tracking, nature, and wilderness skills taught by Joe Kreuzman and Eirik Moergen.

    David Moskowitz* – Photography, tracking classes, and Tracker Certifications by David Moskowitz. Based in Washington.

    Earth Native Wilderness School* – Dave Scott’s wildlife tracking and wilderness survival school based in Austin, Texas.

    Earth Skills – Classes in tracking and survival taught by Jim Lowery in California.

    EarthTracks – Classes in animal and  search and rescue tracking taught by Dwight Wilson in Missouri.

    Flying Deer Nature Center* – Nature immersion school in New York. Tracking club with Josh Wood.

    Leoniak Tracking Services* – Tracker Certifications by George Leoniak. Based in Vermont.

    Natural Awareness Tracking School*  – Classes in animal and search and rescue tracking by Rob Speiden.  While based in Virginia, classes are available anywhere.

    Roots School* – Tracking and survival skills classes and trainings in Vermont.

    The Tracker School – Many classes in tracking, awareness and survival taught by Tom Brown Jr.

    White Pine Programs* – Tracking classes and apprenticeships taught by Dan Gardoqui and Dan Hansche.

    Wilderness Awareness School* – Numerous classes in tracking taught by a variety of staff in Washington.\

    Woodsmoke Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival* – Survival and tracking classes based in the United Kingdom.

    *Taught by certified instructors

    Tracking Information

    African Tracker – A site dedicated to raising awareness of animal tracking in southern Africa.

    Animals Don’t Cover Their Tracks – The most active animal tracking Facebook community.

    Beartracker’s Animal Tracks Den – Photographs and useful resources compiled by Kim Cabrera.

    Diersporen – A Dutch language website with animal tracks from the Netherlands and surrounding areas.

    How to Identify a Cougar Track – Some useful tips on telling cougars from dogs.

    Nature Mentor – A site dedicated to sharing wilderness skills and tracking.

    Natural Skills – The animal tracks and wildlife blog of Connor O’Malley.

    Reddit – An active community of trackers asking and answering questions.

    Virtual Dirt Time – A great site of track photographs and information on identification for Oregon.

    Wildlife Tracking in North America – A comprehensive collection of tracking resources and information on tracker evaluations by Mark Elbroch, currently in California.

    Citizen Science & Research

    Keeping Track – Uses citizen trackers to identify wildlife corridors in Vermont, run by Susan Morse.

    San Diego Tracking Team* – Uses citizen trackers to identify wildlife hotspots in southern California.

    Sky Islands Alliance – Uses citizen trackers to locate wildlife linkages in southern Arizona.

    WildTrack – Dedicated to further developing the “Footprint Identification Technique” a statistical software for identifying individuals of a species from tracks, by Dr. Sky Alibhai and Zoe Jewell in Portugal.

    *Uses certified data collectors


    CyberTracker – The original site of the tracker evaluation as well as the innovative software.  Developed by Louis Liebenberg.

    FGASA – The field guides association of South Africa.  Holds evaluations for natural history and guiding skills.

    ISPT – The International Society of Professional Trackers holds an annual conference where trackers from around the world come to share ideas.

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