Animal Tracking Schools

The wildlife tracking schools mapped below are intended to make it easy for you to find animal tracking classes in your area. Some of these schools specialize only in animal tracks while others offer tracking as a supplemental part of a broader (often wilderness survival) curriculum.

This list is open to any school actively offering animal tracking classes. Inclusion of a school in this list does not signify endorsement of any kind.

While I highly encourage Tracker Certifications as the best way to ensure knowledgable and experienced instructors, there are great tracking instructors that are not certified. Do some research first to make sure you get the type of training you want. See this excellent article on finding a tracking instructor. I also recommend seeking out many different teachers and signing up for a Tracker Certification.

Blue-Map-IconSchools that offer animal tracking classes.

Schools with CyberTracker Certified instructors. (Track and Sign Level 3 or higher).

Schools that frequently host Tracker Certifications and have certified instructors.

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