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Ventura Tracker Certification 10/25/2015

Published on October 25, 2015 under Certifications

The Channel Islands Tracking Team hosted a Track and Sign Certification in Ventura, California on October 24–25, 2015.

We saw the tracks of 30 species, including 20 mammals, 6 birds, 2 herps, 1 invertebrate, and marks of a branch moving in the wind. We spent the first day in one of my all time favorite spots in the Los Padres National Forest. Among many other species we saw bobcat, pocket mouse, vole, raccoon, coyote, chipmunk, woodrat, quail, and black bear tracks!

We spent the second day under an incredible bridge in Ventura where we saw tracks of opossum, pocket gopher, turtle, and a gray fox carrying something.

Congratulations to all who attended, we learned a lot and every participant earned a certificate. I especially want to recognize Jerry Maserjian who earned a 97.5! A big thanks to Ellie Bolas for organizing this certification. This is a truly passionate group of trackers and I’m excited to see how fast they are progressing.


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