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Ventura Tracker Certification 11/6/2016

Published on November 7, 2016 under Certifications

The Channel Islands Tracking Team hosted a Track and Sign Certification in Ventura, California on November 5–6, 2016.

We saw the tracks of 26 species, including 15 mammals, 4 birds, 3 herps, 3 invertebrates, and marks of a branch moving in the wind. We spent the first day at a spot along the Santa Clara River. Among many other species we saw bobcat, coyote, goat, opossum, and black bear tracks!

We spent the second day under a bridge in Ventura where we saw tracks of kangaroo rats, opossums, turtles, night herons, yellowlegs, and a spot where a cottontail was feeding on grass.

Congratulations to all who attended, we saw some amazing sign and learned a lot. I especially want to recognize Ira Christian who earned his level 3! A big thanks to Wyatt Harris for organizing this certification and to Jerry Maserjian for helping out. This was a really positive group of trackers who were eager to learn and fun to track with.


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