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Ventura California Certification 11/16/2014

Published on November 19, 2014 under Certifications

The Channel Islands Tracking Team hosted a Track and Sign Certification in Ventura, California on November 15–16, 2014.

We saw the tracks of 33 species, including 16 mammals, 13 birds, 2 herps, 1 invertebrate, and marks of a branch moving in the wind. We spent the first day in the Los Padres National Forest and were lucky to have amazing mud with some absolutely perfect tracks. Under one bridge there were tracks of harvest mice, pocket mice, voles, and peromyscus! We also saw numerous bird tracks including: Wilson’s snipe, scrub jay, robin, mourning dove, flicker, turkey vulture, and raven. We spent the second day in areas around Ventura where we tracked opossums, raccoons, dogs, and a gull with a hurt wing on the beach. We even found a dead sea lion. We then headed to a bridge in Ojai where we finished the class.

Congratulations to all who attended. I especially want to recognize Jerry Maserjian and Ellie Bolas for earning a Level 3! Thanks to the whole team for sharing your passion and excitement for tracking.


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